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Note: The lace selections in each of the drop down boxes are listed in the same order as they are shown in the pictures. They are priced per yard. If you would like more than one yard, once you have added the lace to your cart, you can change the quantity of yards in the "View cart" box to however many yards you wish to purchase, or you can click the "Add to cart" button for each additional yard you wish to purchase.

Group A (White)

Group B (Ivory)

Group C (White)

Group D (Ecru)

Group E (Ivory)

Group F (White)

Group G (White)

Group H (White)

Group H (Ivory)

Group I (Ivory)

Group J (Ivory)

Group K (Ivory)

Group L (White)

Group L (Ivory)

Group M (White)

Group N (White)

Group O (White)

Group O (Ivory)

Group Q (Ivory)

Group R (White)


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