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Other Gingham Check (60" Wide)
T11 Red & Green Check T13 Red & Blue Check T14 Red & Black Check T15 Yellow & Black Check T17 Purple & Gold Check T83 Mini Purple & Gold Gingham Tri-Check (Half the size of the T17 Tri-Check)
$13/yard $13/yard $13/yard $13/yard $13/yard $13/yard
Picture Coming Soon
T18 Red & Grey Check T19 Peach & Mint Check T20 Blue & Brown Check T25 Red & Black Check T27 Pink & Green Check T28 Pink Check
$13/yard $13/yard $13/yard $13/yard $13/yard $13/yard
T30 Blue Check T31 Green Check T32 Red & Khaki Check T33 Navy & Khaki Check T34 Aqua & Chocolate Check T38 Pink & Grey Check
$13/yard $13/yard $13/yard $13/yard $13/yard $13/yard
T40 Multi-Check T44 Red, Blue, & Green Check T46 Purple & Gold Check T47 Red & Green Check T50 Red & Green Check Sorbet Plaid
$13/yard $13/yard $13/yard $13/yard $13/yard $13.50/yard

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